Esse Hydro Moisturiser

Hydrates and protects sensitive skin

Probiotic extracts and prebiotic nutrients are included in an ultra-gentle, light Aloe base to soothe and hydrate sensitive skin.

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99% Natural
79% Organic
100% Vegan
100% Cruelty Free
345g Carbon Offset
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23 reviews for Esse Hydro Moisturiser

  1. elizabethjanegriffin

    I have been using this product as a recommendation of my facialist for over 2 years. I have combination skin, but live in London where the water and weather is harsh. I can’t recommend it enough, under makeup and at night

  2. tiffanyckm2018

    This moisturizer is light and perfect for humid weather and works well with my T zone.

  3. s_yianni

    Brilliant moisturiser for my sensitive and dry skin! Leaves my skin looking and feeling well hydrated.

  4. alicebridges86

    I have dry, dehydrated skin and this moisturiser is everything it needs. It feels smooth, hydrated and plump when I use it. On my second tub and can’t imagine winter without it!

  5. sylviacking

    I have combination to oily skin that is prone to acne. I can only use oil free products or those that leave my skin very unbalanced and de-hydrated. I started to use the Hydro moisturiser in the evening and I wake up with my skin feeling soft and balanced. It feels nourishing and hydrating but equally light and not heavy at all.

  6. equilynz

    I have dry, sensitive skin which is quite difficult to manage, I was particularly drawn to Esse’s range as 99% of moisturisers contain water as their primary ingredient, which I find so drying, how refreshing to find an alternative! 3 weeks into use and my skin has perfectly adjusted to the Hydro moisturiser and I hope it continues to perform when the cold weather arrives as I’m super-impressed so far!

  7. Katy Crisford

    Love this moisturiser, the only down side to it is that during the winter I need something slightly more moisturising.

  8. Donja

    I love this stuff but unfortunately it clogs my pores, as a result I got pimples and bad acne. As long as that’s no problem for you, give it a try!

  9. Anja

    Leaves the skin in perfect condition. My only complaint is that one needs to ”dig” the cream out from the jar. Prefer more hygienic designs.

  10. Lea

    If it involves hydration I am there 🙂 Anything Hydrating is awesome, i just can’t enough of this product. It smells like a spa and it feels amazing on my skin, I no longer have that dry ‘cracky’ feeling after I apply this cream 🙂

  11. Carmen Melissa Jessop

    This is a amazing product it’s great for locking in thoughs probiotics and builds your skins immune system to give your skin the best.

  12. Megan Fosse

    Such a great product. I’ve seen such a difference in my forehead dehydration lines after using the hydro moisturizer. I like using it at night as it’s slightly heavier than the nourish moisturizer, which I use in the day

  13. Jill Mckeith

    Such a lovely product for oily or normal sensitive skin. Have seen a client’s skin go from hyper reactive to a calming, healthy skin. Love the fragrance of all the sensitive range products.

  14. Jenine

    Lightweight and heavenly smelling. This is one of my favorites when my skin feels a little red and otherwise. Its a gentle moisturiser,a lovely starter cream to the esse range.

  15. Cordnee Lee Moonsamy

    Easy light weight application, assertion skin soother. Perfect for more normal to combinations skins suffering with sensitivity.

  16. Melissa Johnson

    This product has a super light consistency on the skin with the most divine vanilla scent! It is the best moisturiser to introduce your clients to when starting on Esse – It rebalances the skin after being exposed to harsh chemical brands and treats sensitivity too!

  17. Yvette Botha

    This has to be my favorite. From the texture to the scent, it’s the best moisturiser I have used. I have seen great results with this moisturiser. It absorbs quickly, but does not leave your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. Great for reducing redness caused by sensitivity.

  18. Karin Taljaard

    a perfect moisturizer for oily and dry skins. It reduce inflammation and plums the skin with just the right moisture. The perfect moisture for a sensitive reactive skin.

  19. Courtneigh Grundlingh

    I love this moisturiser because it not only leaves my skin totally hydrated, but it also doesn’t leave it feeling super oily. This product creates a happy medium for my skin and I love that it caters for my skin’s sensitive needs.

  20. Kerry Venter

    Non greasy, easily absorbable lightweight cream with a aloe Vera base. Less sticky than the Core range moisturizers, and I love the delicate soft smell.

  21. Elsabie

    I just love the botanical smell of all Esse products and it is such a luxurious product. And a bonus that it is all organic. This cream moisturises the skin well without leaving it heavy or oily. Works well especially in summer. In winter I switch to one of the richer creams.

  22. N Ramnath

    The moisturiser is thicker than I expected, but non-greasy. I’ve been using it for about a week now, and it seems to be more moisturising than the Weleda creams I was using. Skin does not feel tight or dry the next morning.
    [Wish Esse makes more ‘active’ creams in this price range, rather than creams with just the lb extract]

  23. Jo

    I love this moisturiser. I really do. But I hate using jars, they just seem so unhygienic. There is a spatula included, but still, I feel like I’m inserting bacteria into the moisturiser every time I use it. It’s not a fun thought to have when you have acne… I would prefer a tube – it’s a thick product but I think it could work. Please put this moisturiser in a tube!

    Response from Esse: This is such a tricky subject. Glass is the most ethical packaging option when it comes to our environmental policies, we love glass for a lot of reasons but we totally understand how jars expose the product to the outside more than tubes. If it helps at all, the pH of the products is too low for many common pathogens to survive and our preservative system is effective at holding off bacterial growth so anything that might land up there is not going to survive. 

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