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Our premium probiotic range and the world's most advanced probiotic anti-ageing products.

Organic and probiotic active ingredients that calm and heal reactive skins.

Our core organic range with probiotic support to boost your skin's microbiome.

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Live probiotics in skincare can slow ageing

I am Probiotic


Probiotics are live microbes that are good for you. You might already use them for gut health, but they are just as relevant for skin.

The Esse Skincare lab develops new probiotics that can shift the microbial ecology on your skin to favour a diverse ecosystem that is healthy enough to protect you from pathogens and slow the rate of inflammation-related ageing.

Esse products seed the skin with live probiotic microbes that out-compete pro-ageing species and feed with prebiotic nutrients to advantage microbes that improve the microbial ecology on the skin.

Synthetic chemicals pollute the skin’s ecosystem, so our products are certified organic by Ecocert. We believe that mindful products are a step towards an indefinitely sustainable and beautiful future.

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Probiotic Skincare

Esse is different. We create an environment on the skin that favours the growth of beneficial microbes.

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