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Drinking plenty of water is a key proponent in keeping our body and organs happily functioning, and hydrated skin is just as important for a healthy complexion. Here are 5 key benefits linked to hydrated skin: 


  1. Improved skin elasticity – Skin elasticity is skin’s ability to stretch and snap back to its original shape. Loss of skin elasticity causes skin to look saggy, crinkled, or leathery.
  2. Reduced wrinkle appearance – improved hydration plumps up deflated skin cells and irons out wrinkles – this effect can be achieved in a short space of time with good skincare ingredients.
  3. Balanced oiliness – Dehydrated skin can be oily.  Your skin has the ability to detect hydration levels and a lack of moisture signals sebaceous glands to produce oils. This feedback mechanism can be regulated by increasing hydration.
  4. Improved skin defences – healthy, hydrated skin is better equipped to defend itself against environmental aggressors. With the aid of added anti-oxidants, fighting off free radicals becomes even easier.
  5. Improved detox function – healthy skin cells have the ability to flush out toxins and the by-products of metabolism that result in dull skin. The ability for skin to detox is reliant on effectively hydrated skin.
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