Esse offers a comprehensive line of professional products available exclusively to registered Esse stockists for use in facial and body treatments. Please click here to view a presentation of our professional line.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is fairly simple – we use new techniques in biotechnology to get skin to optimum health so that it is resistant to the ageing process. We take a long-term view on skin and don’t make sacrifices for short-term results.

Esse is certified organic by Ecocert, accredited by PhytoTrade Africa and the Vegan Society and the company is carbon neutral.

In short, Esse is an ethical brand that is focused on the results required by the professional skincare market.

Benefits to your clients

There is a massive consumer-driven movement worldwide toward products that are chemical-free yet highly effective. The natural and organic skincare market remains the fastest growing segment in skincare. Consumers are increasingly aware of harmful chemicals and are actively avoiding them.

However, avoiding chemicals is no longer sufficient. Customers want cutting-edge, anti-ageing products that deliver results on all skin types. They are also increasingly tired of false promises and empty claims.

Esse has shown efficacy in numerous independent trials in Germany and is enjoying international success, being exported to over 40 countries around the world with particularly strong sales in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

Esse offers your client:

  • Cutting-edge biotechnology-oriented skincare
  • Effective products for all skin types and challenges, including very sensitive skins
  • Unique anti-ageing active ingredients including live probiotics
  • Certified ethical standards : organic, vegan, cruelty-free, fair trade and carbon neutral

Esse offers you:

  • An opportunity to differentiate your salon from competitors
  • Ongoing innovation and new skincare solutions based on ongoing skin microbiome research
  • Tailored marketing support that will help you to expand your business
  • A range of convenient and highly flexible on-going training resources
  • New live probiotic-based treatment protocols
  • Great service
  • Attractive point of sale material

For more information about becoming an Esse stockist, please fill in the contact form below.


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