Take 5 With Nichola Joss

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1. How have you been caring for your skin during lockdown?

Answer: I have a daily skincare routine which not only cleanses and tones my skin, but adds essential actives as well as moisturisers to regenerate cell turnover and hydrate the skin. It’s really important to me to look after the microbiome of the skin, as well as keeping the skin barrier strong and protected during lockdown. I have increased my self-care through doing Instagram live TV to teach my community all about the benefits of facial massage, as well as skincare. I take daily supplements such as Lyma, Probiotics and Chaga life mushroom drink to look after my immune system, as well as helping me to create my best future skin.

2. Has lockdown been good or bad for our skin?

Answer: I think lockdown has been challenging for our skin as we have been inside more, moving less and dealing with higher stress and anxiety levels due to unprecedented times. Also, the wearing of masks causes disruption in the skin and increased levels of bacteria, as well as a decreased flow of oxygen. This all has a detrimental effect on our immune system and our skin. For these reasons, it is important to have a good daily skincare routine and massage ritual to relax the mind and body, feed and nourish the skin and focus on our breath.

3. Should we be looking to change up our products or routine when we are able to have facials again?

Answer: I think the first thing to do is to focus on having a facial and getting the advice from a professional to see if you need to change your products.

4. What is your ultimate tip for healthy, glowing skin?

Answer: The best way to achieve glowing skin is to have a daily skincare ritual which looks at completely and thoroughly cleansing the skin; protecting and shielding the skin throughout the day from external aggressors, and then feeding and nourishing the skin at night to replenish and regenerate. Also, include facial massage for added blood flow; nutrient rich blood feeds skin cells and oxygen is essential for new skin production and cell turnover, as well as plumping muscle tissue and adding contours.

5. What are you looking forward to the most when you are back in clinic?

Answer: Spending time with my clients, making sure we are looking after them. Hanging out with my team and being able to also have treatments in clinic myself.

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