Take 5 With Joanne Evans

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1. How have you been caring for your skin during lockdown?


Actually better than ever as I have been doing tutorials on Instagram and virtual consultations. Plus, I have been using and researching homecare devices to use, so it's been lots of fun.

2. Has lockdown been good or bad for our skin?


My skin was stressed out before lockdown and really became a problem once in lockdown, like so many of us. The immunity of my skin was bad like my gut, so I focused on healing and strengthening the barrier of gut and skin.

3. Should we be looking to change up our products or routine when we are able to have facials again?


Once you are back with your therapist, she can evaluate your skin and what may need tweaking with skin-care or treatments, or you may need to simplify as you may have been doing too much!

4. What is your ultimate tip for healthy, glowing skin?


Sleep, water and a set routine - and the right routine for your skin.

5. What are you looking forward to the most when you are back in clinic?


Being with and chatting with my team and clientele - they are like my family and I have missed them so much.

My work is my therapy and setting new goals for myself and them as I am sure with all this time and zoom!!! We will be wanting a new plan of action.

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